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Sam is throwing codes, HELP PLEASE!!!

Jun 15, 2011
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Decatur, IL
I have to apologize now, this is a little long winded. I was driving my 92 Ranger 3.0 2wd automatic today and the check engine light came on. I noticed that the temp gauge was slowly climbing as well, though this may have nothing to do with the issue. It was hot outside.

Anyway, while I was driving the engine cut out completely. I dropped it into neutral and was able to start the truck right back up. A couple miles later, the check engine light came back on. This time I was right by an Autozone and pulled in there to have them check the codes for me. Come to find out the dumb*sses there don't HAVE a code reader for a 92 Ranger, so I had to hope I could make it home to get mine. This time, my truck didn't want to start. It finally did, and I made it home. Halfway there, the check engine light came back on but the truck didn't die.

When I pulled the codes, I got a KOEO code of 542, Fuel Pump Secondary Circuit Fault. The CM code I got was 512, KAM failure. The funny thing is, when I checked the memory of my code reader, it is also showing a code of 511, ROM failure, but it doesn't show whether this is KOEO or CM. Either way, I'm stuck and really don't know what to check first. When I turn the key on but don't start it, I hear the fuel pump whir and hear the relay under the hood click. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
Well, here's an update. I broke down and conceded defeat yesterday. I took Sam to the shop. After six hours and $150, they determined I have a bad ECM, and I'm inclined to agree with them. When they pulled my ECM to run a pin-out test on it, some of the pins were so corroded they actually just fell out. Isn't that lovely? So now I get to buy a new ECM. I figured I can do that job myself so I had them button her back up and I nursed her home. Anybody know where I can get an ECM? Advance Auto has a reman for about $80. Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.
Okay, here's an update... Over a year later. Sam did need an ECM. I went the cheap route and bought a used one from a salvage yard. Put it in, Sam fired right up! Great! Fast forward a year, and Sam started doing the same stuff again. She'd die while driving, hard to start, etc, etc. This time, I bought that reman from Advance, only now the price had gone up to $90. Put it in, Sam fired right up again! This time, I at least have a decent warranty to fall back on should this happen again. Now, I just gotta get my IAC valve replaced. It started acting up on me today. Yay. If I didn't know she loved me, I'd swear Sam had it in for me!
You might want to check prices at
rockauto.com to
glad your back on the road, rangers are nice trucks.

That's where I was looking. I can get an OEM Motorcraft one for about $60. Last time I had one go out on me, I wasn't as keen on doing my own work, so I took her to a shop. The first place I went to charged me $300, kept Sam for a week, and replaced the distributor to no effect. I took it to another place and they had the issue diagnosed in a half hour and my truck fixed a half hour after that. Cost me another $180. Still kinda high considering how easy it is to replace, but when you tack on their markup for the part, cost for the diagnosis machine, cost of labor, shop supplies, etc., it racks up pretty quick.

I'm actually starting to think that I may have a loose connection, however, because aside from that one day last week where it acted up, she's been running decent since then. I'll have to pop the hood tomorrow and check it out. Assuming it stops raining, of course.

Thanks for the input!