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Removable radio box


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Jun 15, 2011
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North Georgia
I'm in the planning stages, but how does this sound? -

A MDF box containing an el-cheapo car radio HU with 4 generic brand speakers (two per side). The radio will sit facing up to the top with a removable locking cover. The speakers will be nut & bolt mounted to deter theft. The unit can be affixed to the floor by wing nuts from the inside to deter theft (remember, the removable top locks!). And to top it off - Rhino Line the whole shebang!
that could work, or if your looking to keep the factory look but still have good sound you could fabricate up a box inside your glove box and hide the speakers under your seat
Have you considered mounting the stereo on the ceiling in the cab? I did exactly that in the A100....


After the MDF base was glued on tight, I just screwed an ABS plastic surround in there, and then had the ceiling lined for sound-proofing. :)