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Power steering leak


Aug 18, 2015
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East Hartford CT
My 2004 Silverado 3500 4X4 with 24K miles got a power steering leak. must be a pressure line, emptied in 3 miles. Oil is above the plastic brush guard. Was there a problem with these trucks? Thanks for any info
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Your going to have to fill it and see where it is coming from, but I have seen the power steering coolers leak. They usually rust out, the lines are on the drivers side of the radiator and run out to the front of the radiator.
Thanks that's where I'll start in the am I'll go along with rust. The crap they spray on the roads is bad stuff. I just did rear brakes, and rotors. The rotors were so pitted they couldn't be turned. The brake pad slides look like stainless, but their not. I thought the truck would out live me, but I having doubts.
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pinhole leak at top of the cooler. Cut the cooler off, and by-passed it until I get a new cooler. Seems like a common problem. My truck has 4 radiators, 3 look like new, PS one rusted. Very poor design it doesn't let the water drain away. Thanks for your help 65 sporty. On line around $50, at the stealer $158.
If you are in the salt belt, like me- i wouldnt waste my time or money on a p/s cooler. Just more places to fail. I have removed a few, makes no difference whatsoever.
I can see it in hotter climates being necessary.

Dodge rams overpressure in the winter up here, blow seals out if the racks. I bypassed my brothers 4 years ago,until then he lost power steering every winter.