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Parting 72 W-100 4x4 Dodge manual transmission

Discussion in 'Truck Parts for Sale' started by gregpurcell, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. gregpurcell


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    Apr 19, 2012
    Savannah GA
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    Over the next few days I am stripping this 72 Dodge 4x4 in Savannah, GA. There's not a lot left and the grille, dashpad and some of the small stuff is already on Ebay, but I wanted to see if anyone needs any of the drivetrain or anything I've overlooked. (I hate to scrap something someone wants)
    I have the standard transmission, pedals, steering column, transfer case, bellhousing (for 318) and some of the clutch linkage. The truck has a 354 Dana 44 in the front with lockout hubs, but with drum brakes. You would have to pick it up in Savannah, GA or, if you weren't in a huge hurry, I could deliver to Chryslers at Carlisle in July. Please PM with needs.