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oil change at FORD

stan saas

Aug 4, 2017
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pinebluff n.c.
i have used FORD for my oil changes since we moved here 4 yrs. ago - oh yea we are in PINEBLUFF N.C. - anyway they say that they are using a [ blend ] could some one tell me exactly what a BLEND IS MADE OF - THEY CHARGE ME $47.00 and now are building a new building on new property and all - hope my price don`t go up - i have a 2013 supercrew 4x4 f150 - with the 5.0 - how many of you change your own??
We are entirely to trusting. I only let them change it threw the warrenty period.
The ticket should show the amount, brand and grade of oil and filter. You are entitled to know what your paying for.
It's a synthetic blend not a full synthetic but not conventional, a Ford dealer would have used Motorcraft. The 5.0 I believe uses 5w30 and holds 7qts. I change my own but that's what I do, I am a auto mechanic:)
I'm too cheap to let anyone change my oil, but my dad taught me how to be cheap, I mean, work on my own car. I'd drive a lease vehicle if he had not done so. Takes me 40 minutes at the most, while taking my sweet time (dickin' around).

As @65 sporty mentioned, you should have that information from the dealer. A blend can be 5% synthetic, or anywhere up from that. 30% synthetic is the maximum I heard some years ago, so don't quote me on that. I spend a few dollars more to get the full synthetic, and I try to buy it on sale.