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Live and learn


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Jan 12, 2016
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North Dakota
I just discovered something I had never heard before. I have a 1970 D100. When I bought this truck it had after market wheels on it. I wanted a look closer to factory, so I went to the local wrecking yard and found a set of wheels and dog-dish caps from that year. Since installing them I have had a problem with power steering leaks from the hoses mounted outside the frame in the driver's wheel well. The wheel rubs on the hoses when turning hard left. My mechanic was able to find someone locally to make me new hoses (for $600). Just by chance, when he was installing them, a fellow well versed in wheels was in his shop and looked at my truck. It seems the wheels I installed were VAN wheels and have a one inch different offset from pickup wheels. That's why they rub the hoses. He suggested installing a one inch spacer to cure to problem. 🤔🤦
Nope. Van wheels are the same as pickup wheels. Most 5 bolt 70's van wheels were only 5.5 inch wide, 6.5 wide usually rub on the strut rod. 1/2 ton 70's pickups came with 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7 and 8 inch wide stock/factory optional rims. The off-set is always neutral or very close to that.

I'm thinking that there was something screwy with those hoses to begin with and the guy who sold you $600 set of hoses f@#!d you over big time. The NAPA I work at makes hoses and that should have been $40 tops, maybe $100 if they have a labor fee for that.