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Latest Recall Ram Trucks

Discussion in 'Dodge Diesel' started by 74PW4X4, Apr 30, 2019.

  1. 74PW4X4

    74PW4X4Active Member

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    Aug 1, 2015
    North Georgia
    Think my 2015 3500 6.7/Aisin has had a least 4 thus far.

    Today it is in for the latest drag link issue. Had to leave overnight due to volume of the recall. It would seems all they are doing is torquing the nut and spot welding it to keep it from loosening.

    Truck only has 9.5k on it and while paid for I use it less and less. Spent last Sunday pressure washing all the pollen crude off and then a hand wash. I was whooped afterwards. Asked them for a price to due a hand wax and full exterior detail and they said 4 hours @30 per. As I am still sore from the washing I said get er done! They seemed perplexed by the request as it still looks awesome but if they saw it last Saturday they would understand!

    Traded my 2000 3500 CTD and Jeep Grand Cherokee for this truck just for the hauling prowess. I am selling the 37’ Montana 5th wheel and bought a 41 ft Holiday Rambler coach with a 400 ISL 9. It only hauls the car trailer occasionally now but needs to look good going to Carlisle this July.
  2. wayfarer

    wayfarerActive Member

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    Jun 17, 2011
    Afaik, my '18 only has the 1 recall for the drag link. I hope it stays at 1.
    ...and if you don't mind my asking,
    How do you like your HR? What year? Have you had a chance to check mpg?
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