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Just had to replace the radiator on my 2000 Durango


Aug 14, 2015
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Sonoma County, CA

I recently had to have a cracked radiator on my 2000 Dodge Durango SLT 4WD replaced. The book said it would take about 2.5 hours to complete a radiator replacement; unfortunately, it took my mechanic over 4 hours to do the job. He only charged me for the 2.5 hours since that's what he quoted me, but I was wondering if there something particularly difficult or time consuming about replaceing a radiator on one of these? Anyone else tried replacing the radiator and noticed it being really time consuming?

Would depend upon how many interruptions he had in that 4 hours. There are some days you just about have to shut the phone off and lock the doors to get anything done if it were possible bit when you are open for business that is just the way it is.
Pretty sure the top of the rad support is removed in the process but that shouldn't be a big deal.
I haven't done one in a while but I think I can beat the 2.5 hr time, didn't think they were that bad to change
I will have to ask the neighbor if I can remember to he has changed his twice all ready.
I had to replace mine in my '01 on the road after a deer strike.... removed the condenser and left it out til I got home, pulled off of I-57 and found an Oreillys 1/2 mile from the exit, did the job in oreillys parking lot right at closing, in the dark and was off the road for less than 2 hours. was on my way to Houston for a college checkout for my son, was still in Illinois, only 4 hours from home "on the way" to Houston.... this was a Tuesday/ the deer was still in the median when we passed on the way home Saturday.