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It is starting

Damn rain keeps falling, we have had a lot this year, and there appears to be no letting up. But it was dry when this showed up.


More rain, hopefully just a quick shower (or downpour) and back to partly/mostly cloudy skies.
80's today and humid. We had a softball game tonight and it was still humid, at least it didn't rain. At times it looked like it could though
Yesterday it rained most of the day, really hard at times. I don't know for sure the totals, but it was forecasted 4-6" of rain. Some areas had flash flooding. Today was sunny and high 70's
Saturday was hot and humid. I got the church mowed and then I went to turn the rotors on my wife's new to her ride. Turned the front's, lubed the caliper slides, took the rears apart and the pads fell apart. Turned the rotors, replaced the pads and lubed the caliper slides. Took it home and cleaned out the interior.

Garbage pads

Brake pads.jpg

Today I washed and waxed it. A little cooler out, but still hot. Not quite as humid

All shined up

Encore 1.jpg

We got a good deal on it because it needed the engine repair that I did
Mid 80's and humid. I haven't done much, relay during my birthday weekend. A weak excuse, but I'm going with it!
A beautiful day, I. The upper 70's, way less humidity than the last weeks have offered. I'm moving on to the second push mower this season. Was my dad's, he gave it to my sister, she got an electric mower, so I have this used one. Another Toro, might have the same engine on the POS I bought off FB. Hope this one works, and that I can get that carb sorted in the rider. Tall grass sucks. I did get a replacement head for my trimmer, so maybe this jungle can finally be tamed.
Well, mower #2 was just as big a POS as the first one. Went and bought a Toro Personal Pace mower, that did okay in the short stuff, but being it's a recycler, with no straight discharge chute, it bogged down in the thicker stuff. Only two and a half hours into it, a neighbor came over with his zero turn and knocked the second half out. He wouldn't take any form of payment, said he was happy to help and knew I was in for a long stretch with the tall grass I had left. Should be good to go on a weekly basis now, on my own. Gonna get the rider squared away and then see the new mower for the trees and close to the house and garage.