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interior parts questions 81-93 Dodge trucks


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Apr 25, 2020
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I am gathering parts, as they become available, towards fixing up my 85 D150 into the best truck I can make it. The more I drive this '12, the more I like the old trucks that I used to have.
On the interior, someone, (a P.O.?) did a very poor job of trying to paint/dye the interior door panels (door "cards"... IDK why anyone calls them that, something that drives me nuts)
I just got a couple that are in decent shape, one is same color as mine "should" be, only faded.... and the other (also faded) is a different color (lighter, should lend itself well to what I am about to ask)
Is there an interior dye that works well on these/this sort of plastic? I'm wondering it it's the type of plastic, or if its the type of paint the PO used, as to why the originals came out so horrible. I don't think I could strip them and redo them without dissolving that plastic.
Also, the elbow pads on the armrests appear to be removable by themselves, the ones on these "new" panels, are beyond trashed. I think they may have been stored outside, and become waterlogged. Or else on a truck whose windows were left open. My originals are better (not by alot)
Ideally, if these "new" door panels are "dyeable" I'd like to find new armrest pads. Is that possible?

MORE ideally, I'm gonna be looking for some "nice" interior door panels. If I decide to add power windows, then I will be looking for different ones anyhow. (ones with the cutouts designed for the window switches vs the holes for the window cranks) but that remains to be seen......


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Nov 25, 2013
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Dysart, Pa
Wash parts really good with dawn. SEM makes very good dye in spray cans. They have a rimer/adhesion promotor as well I believe. But key to getting any dye to stay is clean, clean, clean. Dawn works great as it removes oils as well as dirt.