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I miss this truck

Discussion in 'Classic GM Trucks - Pre 1973' started by lou3500, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. lou3500

    lou3500Redneck Garage

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    Jun 15, 2011
    Palm Harbor Fla.
    I bought this truck in 1989 for the motor and trans [400 small block bored to 406 balanced and blue printed with a 400 turbo all B n M equipped] to build a 69 Camaro well never found a car worthy/cheap enough so my wife wanted it gone or built so in 8 weeks it went from a heap to show truck [low budget working mans] all hand formed sheet metal from flat stock custom roll pans front n rear filled tailgate, showed this truck for years and started my own Hotshot service and was not home enough to use it so it sat from 95 till 99 when i finally sold it [tried to give it to my oldest son he didn't want it,now he wishes he took it]. 010.JPG c10.jpg 010.JPG c10.jpg asst old photos 007.jpg asst old photos 007 (2).JPG c10 2.jpg asst old photos 011.jpg asst old photos 014.jpg c10.jpg asst old photos 007.jpg asst old photos 007 (2).JPG c10 2.jpg
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