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  1. DreamTrim

    DreamTrimNew Member

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    Mar 2, 2017
    Rockville, MD
    Hey guys, I am going to upgrade my lights and I'm questioning of what is the best decision. My friend recommended me to use HID lights which is a great choice. He also gave me this site xenonpro for me to purchase. Has anyone here have different recommendations which you believe is better?
  2. 7mopar

    7moparWell-Known Member

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    Dec 21, 2013
    Kingsville, MO
    Can you furnish some more information? Year, make, model?
    Not sure why your friend would recommend led headlights.
  3. 74w200


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    Mar 8, 2016
    I have upgraded two vehicles with HID lights and I could go back I would have gone straight to LED.

    Truth be told I bought "cheap" hid lights on eBay for both. Only ever had 1 issue, a ballast went bad. I'm just going to get to the pro's and con's.

    + In my experience, brighter
    + Instantly bright ( no ballast warm up)
    + No bulb to replace
    + Less electric to run. ( Important when you want to light up the night when your truck is off, like those old Eveready commercials )
    + ^ piggy back on the last. It's easier on you poor old wiring harness and fuses not sucking all the juice for a ballast.
    + No ugly ballast to mount/hide somewhere.
    + Zero wiring, plug that old three spade in, done.
    + Nothing to troubleshoot, if the light doesn't work, you are either not powering it or it's broke. With HID you will find yourself wondering if it's the bulb or the ballast.

    Ok I'm gonna leave it at that. One last thing. They are about 100$ more expensive than the hid's I bought but they are worth it.
    You need to buy TRUCK-LITE brand of LED.
    Made in USA, 5 year warranty. The lights are tough, the packaging alone is substantially tougher than the cheap hid's I bought.

    Obviously all a matter of my opinion, and made up stuff. Good luck, lights are like tires you wonder if you made the best purchase you could have all the way up to the day you replace them.
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