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Gooseneck on a SWB?


Nov 24, 2020
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Sand Diego, CA
What do you guys think about an aluminum gooseneck trailer on a shortbed (360 / 408" with A727/Gear Vendor), Chrysler Corporate 9 1/4" rear with add-a-leafs and air shocks?

I have seen single car goosenecks and first thought in my head was it would eliminate tongue weight. Isn't tongue weight up to 10% of the trailer GVW? Moving the point of attachment up above the truck's axle should surely help.
My thoughts would be on a featherlite single car aluminum gooseneck with up to 3500# car (Valiant 3250# and cuda 3500#) and a SWB truck with stiff leaf springs and air shocks. This would make for a very maneuverable tow rig/ trailer. Car Trailers - Gooseneck Car Trailers - 3112 Car Trailer

Or maybe a tow dolly would cut the weight down and the SWB could tow easier? Makes for a shorter package than a full trailer too. Quality Tow H.D. Car Dolly - Johnson Trailer Co.

While we're brainstorming, what about a lightweight aluminum bumper pull with a SWB? My inclination is to have the setup to be the most maneuverable I could get it but these aluminum trailers are more common than the goosenecks.



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Dec 21, 2013
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Kingsville, MO
If you need extra spring capacity ditch the air shocks and find some axle to frame air bags.
Other than the truck being short wheel base. Year and model are not given. The stock 360 should have handled the load. Depending on the 408 build maybe not. The gooseneck will be about as manuverable as you can get.
As far as the trailer goes buying something your buddies can not pull eliminates the can I borrow your trailer.