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Glove box


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Jan 27, 2018
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Normandy, France
The plastic glove boxes on my '79 Ramcharger and my '76 D200 are definitively roasted. I tried to find some new one for replacement with no success. Fortunatly, I met a fiberglass artist who molded the inside of the last glove box I had. A black one, perhaps they are stronger than transparent one. Next step is to realize a set of 3 glove boxes with fiberglass. I know that original is plastic but it is the simplest solution for the moment

Looks quite good. Not sure if it was an acceptable price. Sending one over from the US to France might not be more expensive...
But the chassis below your part is interesting too. Do you know what it is ? I guess it's one of the fiberglass guys project, or is it yours ?

Regards Muskote
I found one glove box liner last week on Craiglist for $20. The guy was outside but ok to ship oversea. On friday when he came back home he told me the glove box was sold to a nearby buyer. I saw a black one one ebay but asking $99 without shipping :(

The white fiber glass body you can see is not mine. It comes from a little hillclimb race car. Each year it needs some work before the new racing season begin