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FORD 5.4L 3V spark plug removal 04-08


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Jun 16, 2011
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Those of you with a 2004-2008 5.4 Triton 3v engine, I have first hand experience on the spark plug epic! I bought the Lisle 65600 tool and tried the Champion replacements with horrible results. I had to buy the Autolites to make my Navigator run smoothly again. Reply if you need details or wish to have more detailed advice. I have had best results with a HOT engine, replace 4 plugs on one side, then heat the engine up again to change the other side. Despite what the attached TSB states HOT is the best way. http://www.dslreports.com/r0/download/1455834~b715e5c331a16b8f9799c2c716d9b7e4/Ford_TSB-0819.pdf
Ahh, I remember those days. I was Whitcomb Ford/Mercury/Hyundai's go-to guy with these f***ers.

I will point out a few things, though. I wouldn't do it while the engine's still hot. Glad you had luck with it, but it won't always happen that way. One of my co-workers did and the TSB is right: the shop wound up replacing a head. (One of the reasons I wound up being the go-to guy on 'em.) I'd pull it in the shop, pull the coils while it was still hot, and back 'em out a thread or two, hit 'em with a little Aero-Kroil or PB, then let 'em soak until it cooled off enough to touch with my bare hands. Never broke a one. And cussed when someone else did. Usually they'd try the back and forth method and would wind up breaking the isolator off in the ground strap.

Don't wait for the recommended 100,000 interval. Do it at 70-75K.

Sorry, but it's a Ford. Go down to AZ or Advance and get the Motorcrap for it.