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for sale ford pickups and trucks from 61 thru 82 f100 - f600

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  1. paul massaro

    paul massaropomonamissel

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    Apr 18, 2017
    san jose california
    well here it is , ford trucks and pickups from service beds flatbeds dump short 6' sides to 9' stepbed . most all of these units were company vehicles . my dad and i ran a small used truck sales dealership . thats been in decline for some time , most of these units have been sitting for years , all drove and ran then . but some got parted and most are in need of restoration . but there are low miles , standard equipment truck , priced from $1000 and up . offers can be talked over , muti purchases can feed the discount as well . 408-294-2597 paul massaro . or as some know me ''pomonamissel'' . here some pics . 69200015.jpg 69200017.jpg 69220017.jpg 69220018.jpg 69220020.jpg 69210006.jpg 69210007.jpg 69210008.jpg 69210018.jpg 69210015.jpg
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