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Flathead 6


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Jan 27, 2018
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Normandy, France
Hi everybody, I know that it's not a truck but parts can be the same. For the first time I am looking for an US car that is not a truck. It's a lovely unmolested 1938 Chrysler Royal C18. It was imported from Oregon to France few years ago. The buyer was very happy with it and drove many miles. But he did not check the oil level and ran out of oil.

Now he wants to sell it because parts are impossible to find in France. The engine is suposed to be a straight 6 242ci. If I buy this car I want to be able to drive it next June for the 80th D-Day anniversary. as a Staff car. I am affraid that I will not have sufficient time to get parts, machining the block and reassemble before the D-Day so my idea is to swap the 242ci with a 230ci coming from a Dodge WC because military engines are more common in Normandy ;o) I guess this swap will be easy but I read that some Straigth 6 are 23" head long and other 25" long. Don't know if 230 and 242 have the same length.

Another idea would be to swap with a complete running 1958 V8 315ci with manual trans I had. No problem with the length because V8 is shorter but it's larger I think that V8 bellhousing is different from L6 but I guess that the gearboxes can bolt on the 2 bellhousings. One is 3 speed on the tree and the other 4 speed on the floor.

If you made this kinds of swaps or heard about it, help is welcome
thanks to all pickup men and co