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WANTED Dodge D150 1992-93 Transmission Filler Tube and Dipstick

Truck Parts Wanted

  1. rdunnam

    rdunnamNew Member

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    Mar 27, 2015
    Tupelo, MS
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    They are different on these years because these pickups came with Magnum engines 5.2L in '92 then maybe 5.9L started in '93, then the truck body changed in '94, so those are totally different. The one I need off of a 92-93 clears the Magnum style exhaust manifold on the pass side unlike the one I have off my '89 that has a 5.9 Magnum sitting in it (swap). Let me know what you find. Thank you.
  2. marty mopar

    marty moparMember

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    Jun 28, 2016
    1990-93 part book:

    INDICATOR, Trans. Oil Level

    4412598 1 D 19" Long, Except Diesel Eng., 1990-91
    52117659 1 D Except Diesel Eng., 1992-93
    4428477 1 D w/Diesel Eng., A727

    TUBE, Oil Pan Oil Filler

    4471410 1 D Except Diesel Eng., A727, 1990
    53008835 1 D Except Diesel Eng., A727, 1991
    52117673 1 D Except Diesel Eng., A727, 1992-93
    4428468 1 D w/Diesel Eng., A727
    4431445 1 D A998,A999, 1990-91
    52117584 1 D A998, 1992-93
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