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Dash Light Troubles


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Nov 28, 2023
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Hastings MN
I have a 1975 Dodge D200 and am having trouble getting the dash lights to come on, I have replaced the circuit board and the lights, and they still will not all come on. The 2 green blinker lights work, along with the highbeam and brake lights on the dash but non of the gauges come on. I also just replaced the whole headlight/dimmer switch and that didn't do the trick either. I figure because I get some lights that turn on it's not a blown fuse so I'm not sure what to do.

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You got that board connected to a ground somewhere? If you have the cluster out it can all be checked. Also interested in why the board was replaced. It could shed light on why there is still a problem.
Verify that you have power going to the pin on the harness connector. Kinda sounds like a bad wire someplace.
Could also be your headlamp switch have you tried turning the adjustment all the way rt to lt