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Dakota Race Trucks on here?

Bobby Miller

Nov 29, 2015
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Laquey MO
Ok guys and gals. Please post up your First gen Dakota race trucks. Other gens are fine too. I built a 91/96 SB Dakota sport to race with. I wanted to build a nice Abody, but every body was wanting way to much money.lol. so I have always wanted a first gen dakota race truck. After I saw a nice blue 91 sport at the track back in the late 1990. Mine started life as a 91 dakota sport with factory V8 power. The cab mounts on the rear were rusted all most all the way though. I just got the frame rebuilt and painted..I really didn't want to start over with another frame rebuild. But I ended up finding a Flame Red 96 Dakota sport, that I ended up trading a wrecked 72 dart for. So I ended up putting the 96 cab and bed on my 91 frame. I ended up having parts from 5 different trucks made into one. I call my dakota my Pro junk yard race truck.lol
The engine is a 2000 5.9 magnum with a stock bore and stock crank, stock rods and KB107 pistions. Has a comp 550 soild lift cam, Trick flow heads, PRW 1.6 Roller rockers and 3/8 Smith brother push rods. Intake is a indy cylinder head 360 magnum intake. Holley 800DP carburetor, 2 inch super sucker carb spacer. Hooker 1-5/8 full length headers.
Transmission is a built Turboaction built 904, coan 8 inch 5600 stall converter. Aluminum drive shaft.
Rear-end is a Ford 8.8 from a 96 Exployer, I added a full spool,4.30 gears. Yukon ultimate 8.8 axle kit and a 1350 yolk.power stop disc brake kit. Front is factory disc breaks.
Front shocks are Calvert 90/10, rear is caltracs complete set up with 9 way adjustable shocks.
Weld pro star 15x3 and 15x10 wheels, M/T front Runners and hoozer 28x9x15 slicks. Next year thinking about some 275/60/15 M/T ET Street Radial pro tires. After I get heald up from my back surgery I am going to have to pull my torque converter and get it redone. It is way to lose for my set up. On 93 pump gas my best time have only been
60 ft 1.56
1/8 mile 7.15
1/8 mph 95.86
1/4 11.24
1/4 mph 115.00
I think this truck has some 10 second passes in it. After I get the converter fixed..if I don't decide to build a stroker magnum engine, I am wanting to build a gen 3 Hemi.. woukd love to hear about everybody's else race truck or any kind of dakota build.