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Dakota Front hub and bearing choices.


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Sep 28, 2017
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Well its time to look at front wheel bearing on the 04 Dakota 4wd. I am sporting some larger 285 BFG all terrains and was wondering if stock or aftermarket front wheel bearings would be best.
Rock auto has the Mopar replacements and MOOG as well as all the " economy" choices. guess which one is twice the cost....

Any thoughts?
Wild guess "Moog"
Rock Auto has the Moog part at half the cost of the Mopar part number. I thought that maybe the moog part might be more expensive as an upgrade from the stock part with their advertised " increased load capacity" and "performance proven" yada yada yada...
they have half the cost of the factory part.
hoping someone has experience with these on the trucks with a bit of extra meat in the tire.

I have used MOOG for the Barracuda front end rebuilds without issue.
after many responses at a jeep forum the non stock favorite is Timken and Moog in a tie. the only negatives being the idea that nothing is made in the US.
I really like the SKF bearings, I use a lot of them at work
Yes I have used the SKF products on the Barracuda in the past...ball joints I believe.

I did swap out both the truck bearing assemblies last weekend. I went with the Timken set. they have a good track record.
I found that the drivers side had an old Timken set up. it was a little stiff but not making noise. The passenger side was something else. I was hit on the tire last winter and insurance had the tire, wheel, knuckle and some steering bits replaced. Whatever cheap crap bearing they put in was squeaking by spring.