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Crutchfield anyone?


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Aug 3, 2015
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For "Old Lucky", my dearly beloved 1988 Toyota Pickup I purchased a Crutchfield Kit consisting of a new Pioneer radio/cd/USB port unit.
Included with the kit was a hand held remote control unit.

Installation: EASY
Quality of Kit: Excellent
Shipping & Handling: Excellent
Knowledge of sales technician: Excellent
Sound from unit: Excellent

BUT:, Ha Ha...I'm getting old now and I have difficulty reading the "Small Numbers" and "INFO" BUTTONS
YES: the new stuff is designed for the "Kids" of today with their "Keen Eyesight"
They're never the cheapest route but their knowledgeable staff, customer service and products make them a great place to deal with. I have a nice sterio in the Charger (digital media player, 2 amps, 2 - 6 1/4's, 2 - 6X9's and a 10" woofer) that they helped me with. Wasn't planning on buying from them but after talking to some sweetheart on the phone that new her stuff I felt compelled to return the favor and send some business their way. Good experience
I've had good luck with them as well. As far as price goes, the list price is usually higher than amazon etc, but they offer some good deals on the extra stuff you need for the install. Last purchase I made would have been cheaper buying the whole kit from them.

Last purchase I made there were some polk audio speakers. Sounded great.