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Considering buying a new truck


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Nov 28, 2018
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Well, it's used, but it will be new to me. It's a 2008 Ram 1500 with just under 64,000 miles. Exterior is in great condition, but the interior is kind of wrecked. I'm trying to figure out how a truck with so few miles on it has ripped up seats, a worn interior, and a seat belt with a lot of slack. The dashboard is fine, a very clean and neat console.

One situation I'm wondering is if it was used for plowing (the truck is originally from Rochester, NY). But what else am I missing? It sort of feels like the inside is from a different truck, and it's sending off red flags.
My dad has an 08 model it's been a really good truck so far has over 100000 miles on it. Have you compared the interior to other 08 models.
If it was used for plowing check the frame and under body real close for deterioration. Maybe someone had an angry dog.
Not super closely, but compared to the trucks I've seen (which has included Fords and Chevy's) it's definitely far worse than the others, even with other trucks being older and having way more miles.