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Burning Man in my Ranger


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Aug 19, 2015
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We used to have a great truck - a 1992 supercab longbox 2wd Ranger that occasionally leaked gas. I couldn't find the source, but installed new lines from tank to FI. It lived at the local dealership, hoping it would act up in someone else's yard. It didn't. But, last year, on the way to camp out it burst into flame. I am looking to buy another, but I am hoping someone else has had this problem so I never experience the helplessness again. It was a pushrod 4.0. with automatic.
Anybody have an idea? This still worries me, but I also want Joe's stuff to get thorough testing.
I don't know about the 4.0's, but I've had a 92 3.0 for over 20 years and have never had issues like that. I had to replace the fuel-filler hose last year because it dry-rotted and split and dumped gas all over the ground when I filled the tank, but other than that I haven't heard anything like that. Were you able to pin down where the fire started? That could point toward your leak-source. Good luck!