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Anybody know anything about Ford A4LD transmissions?

Jun 15, 2011
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Decatur, IL
Sam's transmission started slipping today. She's got enough fluid (first thing I checked), so I'm not encouraged. Is it even worth checking myself, or should I just take it to a shop I don't have money for?

In case you haven't read any of my other posts, she's a 92 Ranger 3.0 4x2 automatic. Thanks in advance!
UPDATE: Yes, I have an update. Already! I went to a local transmission shop just up the road. I know the owner (my wife's former brother-in-law), and he took me for a spin in my truck. First time in a LONG time I was in the passenger's seat! He put the truck through her paces, and said she shifted fine, right where she was supposed to. Pulled back up to the shop, and checked the fluid. That's when he told me I had committed a Cardinal sin while checking the fluid myself. I forgot that the truck needed to be running. I checked it with the truck off, so the results were skewed. While she was running, it showed that I was about a quart low. Added fluid, and he said I should be okay. Granted, there's a leak somewhere, but it's only leaking about a quart every 8 months or so. As long as I keep an eye on it, I should be okay to use my truck as normal. I still need a filter/fluid service. The last time I had that done was WAAAAY too long ago! Fingers crossed that things stay okay!
The dipstick in the transmission or engine should be the proper process for checking fluid levels if in doubt.