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Almost there the 56 Dodge cab is painted!


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Nov 11, 2014
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comox bc
British racing green! ( mini colour) lots to do yet, new windsheild to go in new fuel pump ( 318), utiline box still in the body shop but the truck had to leave as the body shop was moving to a new location this weekend.




Got her eyes back in, I set them back, I have deep chrome rings to give it a " frenched " look but there going off for re-chroming, also got the new windsheild in, BUT it's gotta come out again because the glass installers split the rubber on install so a new one is on its way up from CA, shipping from US to Canada is always brutal but even more so now.



Truck is looking very smart now....nice choice of colour. 👍
Thanks, funny thing is in the 32 years I've owned this truck in my imagination it's been Blue, red, yellow, black and maybe three other colours, then one week before it was painted my wife says " why not metallic green? " I said yeah why the he'll not, then I found this shade in the colour book in about 20 minutes....vawalla!! The more I see the more I like, I can hardly wait to get the box back. This is the bed for it.



Really sweet color choice! The frenched headlights are going to look really great.
Finally got the rings back from re-chroming and figured out how to mount them with out screws I'm very happy with how they turn out, now if I could just get the box back from the damn body shop!



Interior is almost done. The dash inserts used to be ugly mesh style, ( OE), my son custom made the inserts out of walnut many years ago. I made the door panels with mahogany inserts, not perfect but I like them, the steering wheel is real cherry wood, and the door sills are oak, I did my best to match the colour with stain.


I'm working on the head liner now, I used some thin wood panel from home depot then wrapped it with the same grey vinyl as the doors. The main area is done now I'm working on the side trim then I'll trim out the front and back where it meets the windsheild and rear window with a 1 inch strip of wood stained to match the other wood to tie it all in. I installed new carpet to. The floor, back panel behind seat and roof I lined with sound deadner mat like dynamat. Hopefully that will keep the road noise down. I spoke with the body shop on the weekend he says he will be starting the box this week and should be done by mid month. I'm really looking forward to getting it back on the truck!
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Sweet looking truck. Just starting on 54 Fargo with my son. What did you use for a chassis? What is steering column from?
Definitely be looking for some advice!
Chassis is a 81 Dodge sb reg cab but in order for the body to fit the frame I had to modify/ shorten the frame, and modify cab mounts, in hindsight a Dakota body would be a better choice and it's narrower, the column I purchased years ago at a swap meet, I think it may have been from a chrysler imperial as it is tilt AND telescoping which is rare, but it worked well for me as I'm 6 feet tall and these old trucks didn't have a ton of leg room plus I used Dakota 6 way power seats which sit a little closer than the old bench seat. Good luck with your build ask questions any time.