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air bag light

Need to pull the codes otherwise your just shooting in the dark, too many things it could be to start guessing.
OK will find someone that can do this thanks also i get an abs light -brake light and speedo starts to jump any ideas for this? thanks geo.
The warning lights in Chevy/GMC mean many different things for those years as @65 sporty mentioned. I forgot all those codes from when I drove S-10's for work. Had check engine light come on for a bad gas cap before.
I would have thought the scanner their using would be new enough to show the code and explanation.
when this truck wouldn't set the computer for inspection - auto zone s scanner would not tell them what had not set - only codes that showed - that's how it is in glorious NY
Any decent shop will take the time to read your codes and tell you what's wrong. It's potential money for them.
If you do buy one make sure it reads more than just engine codes. So many more modules ABS, Airbag, Body, I am sure you get the picture.
it never hurts to add info -it can make the pic clearer
The pic helped figure out the warning light on the South African Ranger.

Just reread your post, the overall picture, not a pic! Funny. Do you just have the ABS light, or are other lights on also?
abs went off with brake light - this happened when we had a big rain storm -guess i got a fair weather chebby