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80,000 miles

stan saas

Aug 4, 2017
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pinebluff n.c.
ok it`s a 2013 f-150 crew cab 4x4 with the 5.0 - 80,000 miles when is a good time to do the wires and plugs and what else - thanks
No owners manual I guess? There should not be any plug wires. They left the scene many years ago. Plugs should be good to 100,000. I would still check in with a dealers service department if you do not have the owners manual just to make sure. Owners manual will list all maintenance items and schedules.
Spark plug coils in the boots with ignition coils on top. You better be setting down when they hit you with spark plug prices.
100,000 is the norm for spark plug replacement. Not much else to do, spark plugs, air filter, clean the throttle body. The fuel filter is gone, just the strainers in the fuel pump module.
When did the fuel filter disappear? Also at 100000 one may consider replacing O2 sensors. They don't last forever and why wait for trouble.