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FOR SALE 78 dodge w400 dumptruck 400ci big block


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Jun 16, 2022
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Hello this winter i mechanically went thru this old girl to not get the winter blues. But now she needs to roll down the road.

This is/was a all orginial truck. It has stayed in the town i live in it's whole life. i am only the 2nd owner. I have all of the history of this truck but we will save that for the new owner!

Anyways this thing has a TON of new parts. I have all receipts to prove it along with all work done to it from the engine shop.

Way to many things to list but a potential buyer i will share the spreadsheet i made of all parts and costs i have associated with it. Mechanically only thing left to go thru is steering components.

78 dodge w400
400ci Big block
Pto Dump
Power steering
Hi/low transfer case
4 speed manual

Engine rebuilt including rods,mains,cam bearings,valve seals,piston and rings.

New clutch

New seals all around on transmission/transfer case and PTO

New brakes on front rotors/calipers and lines

and the list keeps going!

Mechanically she is close.
Cosmetic wise well she needs some attention
She is road worthy for a short distance. I did just haul 3 tons of gravel in it about 10miles

I have $5,532 worth of parts on this truck with receipts to prove it asking

asking $5,000

I have a lot more information and pictures so please just ask. best would be to private message me here ............... thank you!


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