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77 3/4 ton 8 lug what wheels will fit

d ray

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Mar 18, 2021
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i have a 77 3/4 ton 8 lug wanting to know what wheels will fit my truck
thanks for the info but i really meant an upto date newr type wheel but whould like to stay with a 16 inch
Bolt pattern does not change with wheel size. Just make sure the wheel stud length allows the use of the wheels you want.
To answer this question, you need to your homework and research/know all the specs on your vehicle (in regards to wheel/tire fitment). That includes rim diameter/width, bolt pattern, backspacing/offset, etc. Then, when you see wheels you like (in this case aftermarket), check the mnfrs site for their offerings and see if they have what you need. Tire choice (even though you didn't inquire about it) is a whole other thing. Depending in your wheel choice, you have to make sure (mainly as far as the fronts go) that they clear wheel openings/lips and also suspension components under dynamic driving conditions.
I have installed 8 lug wheels & tires on a few different trucks. One was a late 90s Dodge 3/4 ton on a 2004 Chevy Express 3/4 ton van, fit no problem. I also had 4 late model Ford 3/4 - 1 ton wheels & tires on my 69 Dodge D200 Camper Special, that looked very good on that truck. Offset & rim width was perfect with no rubbing problems.
I had special ordered 15x10 and 15x8.5 US Indy mags on my 72' B300 Sportsman Van, which came with 16.5 rims. Had to use 1/2 inch spacers and grind a little off the calipers on the front. The rear worked as bought for the Dana 60. They worked for 35 years until I just last year sold it. Installed a 340 in it at the same time, so it took a punishment.
I'm going thru the same thing right now with my 77 M882. I decided to stay with stockers with some Interco Narrow super swamper TSL. They end up up at 33.8" diameter. I looked high and low and everything in 8 lug is either ugly as F or you have to go to 17+ in diameter. Just look, look and look some more. Here Is a pic of them on a GMC.


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