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WANTED 74 to 79 dash cluster/instrument panel

Earlier model don't melt but not sure it can replace a 74-79 model without some little work

The 75-76 trucks got the metal gauge panel. Dodge went cheap charlie when they started with the plastic panels. (I believe 77-80) IMO, the metal ones are best and they interchange with the plastic ones perfectly.
Here are a couple pics of one I have. It is complete except for the Speedo which has been sold. They are getting extremely hard to find these days as the amp gauge has melted most of the plastic ones.




I can say plastic panels started in 1976. The blue Dodge is a 75 and it has a metal panel. The two orange are 76 models and they have a plastic panel

Plastic panels are not so hard to repair. But the first thing to do is to remove the cause of the heating. The heat comes from the poor connection between the gauge and the screw. Tin soldering can solve the problem. Silver grease on lugs and nuts can help too when wiring back

I replaced my instrument cluster regulator, I read somewhere that might help. My temperature gauge has dropped a lot and goes up when I turn the headlights on a bit. It has been doing that for a long time now. Every time I turn on the headlight the temp gauge goes up. My speedo doesn't work and I wound one a long time ago that didn't even look like the one that came out of it in a junk yard and I put it in just to see if and how much it would be off. Well for get it, I pulled the cable out and it hasn't worked in 10 plus years lol. I sure would like to get a rebuilt one though where can I get on from and as I really like to see some of my alternator gauges and other things work if possible.