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67 Dodge W200 for sale

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Aug 9, 2015
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NW Minnesota
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First off, this is not mine, just passing it along for anyone interested. I went to look at it a few days ago - a nice project at a decent price, (at least in my opinion). It has a 383/NP435 4 speed and twin stick transfer case. By the data tag it was a factory snow plow truck, but none of the snow plow parts are present. The cab is fairly straight although both rockers are gone and there's a patch on the drivers side floor pan. The box is pretty well hammered but he has another box to include that he claims has very small rust below the tail lights and that's all. It wouldn't run although it started briefly once, (he killed it w/throttle), and the battery was so far down that we couldn't get it to turn over again. I didn't get under it to check from the bottom as it's in knee deep snow. The front driveshaft is removed since one of the retaining straps was missing, but is present. There's a 4 inch lift started with blocks on the springs, that broke a brake line and hasn't been completed. Tires are 36" swampers in tough shape - lots of tread but dry rotted badly, one won't hold air. I do have one poor photo on my phone, but that's all, and I do have his phone number if you're interested. Located in NW Minnesota and he's asking 2500.00, but the ad included the words OBO. I'll try get the photo up here but pm me for his number if you'd like to talk to him.
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