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2019 Ram seat covers


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Feb 18, 2014
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Columbia, TN
Anyone have a recommendation for seat covers for my 2019 Ram. The seats are showing some wear after only 10k miles. Seems getting in and out is rubbing the sides. Craig


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Apr 25, 2020
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Go to covercraft website. I wanted their Carhartt ones for my 12 but can't swing them right now.
I got some "for now" from their clearance tab for $40 factory 2nds that I can't find the defect on.
I wound up with camo ones but I didn't care as
The interior on mine is a factory combo of what I call "black and puke" and these look much better than the factory covers under them.
Shipping cost me $27, the cheapest I see these same covers I got anywhere else (including their own site but not in clearance) were $188.
Only problem them (not for me though) is that they came with an extra headrest cover. Box says "7 pc set" and I counted 8 pieces when I unboxed them.
They had a tan version of these same covers in the clearance section for like $110 or something like that. That was for solid tan they also have 1 other color, I think some kind of green (solid not camo)
But this other color didn't have any in clearance. Only in the regular price section.
They have LOTS of seat covers to choose and ask ALOT of questions about your particular year make and model because of the different option variations on a given vehicle.