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2011 Sierra Duramax

Discussion in 'GM Diesel Trucks' started by DartVador, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. DartVador


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    Aug 17, 2015
    Wow - is this forum new or are there no Duramax owners on FTO? This particular section must be new or I didn't see it when I did a different thread in a different forum on my 2011 2500HD with a Duramax.

    I made a HUGE mistake when I bought my 2011 by not doing research first. I had two other Sierra diesels previously, a 2004 and a 2008, and had zero issues with either. However, 2011, was the first year for the DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) on the Duramax. WOW - what a mistake buying it. I have had it back to a dealer more than all the trucks I have ever owned put together and that includes 2 problems Fords I owned. This goes back to my 1979 Dodge W200 Powerwagon and includes a total of 4 other GMCs.

    Fortunately this 2011, which I bought back around June of 2014, was a "Gm Certified Used". For 2 years or around 20,000 miles, regular maintenance was free. I only had it for about 2 months, when a dealer replaced the turbo, the exhaust fluid tank & pump, and put a front pump seal in the Allison trans. After that and for about the next 20 some months, the poor quality exhaust fluid light would come on, stay on for a few days, and then go out. I had a check engine light as well once, made an appointment, and was about a mile from the dealer when both warning lights went out. About a week ago, however, both lights came on and never went out. Luckily and to GMs credit, they extended the warranty on the exhaust fluid systems to 120,000 miles or 10 years. It is getting service work again currently and I am supposed to have it back next week.

    I just can't trust this truck anymore no matter how well it runs when I get it back. This particular dealer happens to have a 2013 3500 Sierra Duramax sitting in front of their dealership. My question is, however, did GM get these emissions systems straightened out? As you read owner experiences on various other forums, the answer to that question is no. I have read of numerous Duramax owners with 2015s and 2016s that have had nothing but trouble.

    I had a Dodge in the late 70s and had zero problems with it. Had an 89 F150 and a 90 F250 - Both nothing but problems. I've had a bunch of GMCs. Only this 2011 has given me problems. Thanks to this 2011 and reading about the model years since, I have lost all confidence in the Duramax engine. It seems that most of their problems are emissions related. I am looking at a Cummins powered 2015 Ram 3500 with about 50,000 on it. It has the AISIN trans in it. If I can get financing; I think I am going back to Dodge country. If I am forced to keep my 2011 Duramax - it is getting a full emissions delete!!!
  2. 65 sporty

    65 sportyWell-Known Member

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    Aug 8, 2015
    Marlette, Mi
    I have a few customers with Duramax's with DEF systems but they have not the problems you have had. The one had to take his back for the DEF pump but no other problems since that. With GM extending the warranty on the emissions they must be seeing a lot of the problems your having. That's too bad because I really like the Duramax. A friend has a 06 and did EGR and particulate filter delete. I have yet to see any of the newer one's with DEF delete but I know people are doing them. Good luck
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