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2000 Silverado Relay Electrical Issue Close to Solving

Mar 27, 2021
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pasadena ca
So my truck has been having issues turning over, and when I get it turned over you can hear the relay under the steering column clicking making an awful clicking and grinding sound , I could feel it clicking when i put my fingers on the relay and when I banged on the center part of the steering wheel it would start rattling worse. So I swapped out the relay and drove it around for a day with no sign of that awful sound but by the end of the day it didn't wanna turnover again. So I got the relay out and inspected where each of the wires was goin, it seems that two wires are headed to this part in pic C and E that looks a bit corroded on one end, so next step would obviously be replacing that except for I am not familar with what this part is, but perhaps I should buy some of these wires(that are reachable) and replace them too. So if any of you gentlemen could be so kind as to help me identify these parts i'd certainly be grateful. Thanks

I've included pics of the relay and each place the wires end up.

so two wires coming from the relay end up on opposite ends of the corroded junction as youll see in pics C and E . There are 5 wires total bc one prong is met with a double white wire, one leads to a joiner that reaches under the steering wheel, the other leads to the corroded junction. One brown wire leads to the back of the fuse box and the other leads to another joiner that leads under the steering wheel. The last prong is a white wire that leads to the corroded junction and fits into the spot closes to the corrosion as you can see, so this would be the wire Id like to change first.
I'll go over each pic again here so hopefully something catches one of your eyes

1st pic my finger is on the brown wire that leads to the yellow joint to yellow wire that leads to the back of the fuse box
2nd pic my finger is on the other brown wire that leads to the yellow joing to white wire that leads to bottom of steering wheel
3rd pic is the junction ive mentioned with the corrosion on the far right end as you can see between the black and white parts
4th pic reveals the 3 white wires on each side of the relay, the white wire on the left leads to the corroded juntion; 1 white wire on the right is the 2nd white wire that is plugged into the corroded junction and the other wire from that plug on the relay leads to the yellow joiner at the top of the pic that forms a T when met with the top red wire that leads under the steering and to the fuse.
5th pic is the corroded junction
6th pic is the relay

That's not factory wiring. Is there an alarm or remote start installed? I would need better pics of where is is going to and coming from, but I believe it is the starter wire from the ignition switch that has been cut. Cut out the relay and put the yellow back together and see if it starts.
No, alarm or remote start, it always started fine until one day the relay started making that sound and i took the dash off to get to it, thats when i noticed the wiring and havent changed anything, except a new relay.

Hmm cut out the relay and put the yellow back? im having a hard time figuring out how to do that .
The pink wire that has the T into it is IGN power, it is powering the relay. Which wire is connected to which terminal on the relay? Each terminal on the relay has a number by it. It will be easier to figure out what it's doing if I know this. From your pics it looks like when the relay closes it connects the 2 brown wire together.
Godbless you for eyeballing these wires, I took another pic after pulling and sorting a bit, 2nd pic is of the dance ol yeller and brown wire are doing off t o the side .n


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both brown wires on the relay connect to a yellow wire, the gray goes directly into the junction im holding and, one of the white wires of the double wired prong goes to the junction im holding and the other white thats with it is what connects to the pink, and the red wire goes off way back to a big bundle of wires that are wrapped up above the brake pedal. then ofcourse like i showed on the junction.. that brown wire goes off and connects to another yellow thats with it. theres also a black wire and it goes off somewhere not near the relay, so i guess its no bother.
I would take the 2 brown wires from the relay and cut the butt connectors off of the yellow wires, then reconnect the yellow wires.
Alrighty now, so just double checking here... A. take the brown wires off the relay,and take the connectors off so that i can
connect the two yellows together or B. just connect the yellow wires to the same brown using electrical tape after ive cut the connectors off.
Well 65 Sporty, big thanks to you bud, you were right... I disconnected this wad of wires and connected the two yellow together and she fired up like a beast, and we are back on the road again!

Its really crazy Ive taken the truck to three shops, had the mechanics look at it and not wanna take it in, left with some bad advice. Ive talkin to 4 more mechanics and all of them gave me bad advice, and you friend were the only good advice ive had. So glad I didnt take it to one of the more expensive shops around town whos more than willing to run up the hours on your vehicle to get an issue sorted out.

Also any idea what that read wire could be, it goes to the back above my break pedal and connects to a huge wrapped wad of wires, i just disconnected it from the 10 amp fuse it was on and now ive got the relay compkletely disonnected too. Might should connect the yellow wires with something better than electrical tape too what you think ?

Thanks again man


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Not sure what the red wire is for, it has been added also. I would just tie it up out of the way. I usually solder and heat shrink wires, but a butt connector will work. They also make heat shrink butt connectors