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2000 Silverado 2500 Electrical issue w starter

Mar 27, 2021
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pasadena ca
So a week ago my truck is an automatic and was having an issue shifting out of park into drive once started. I took the console apart under the steering to get to the shifter interlock solenoid to see if I could remove it to bypass any issues I may be having with that, as I figured that was the problem. I didn’t have my tools with me so it took about a half hour of getting all of the console parts off with a pocket multi tool and once I finally got to the where I was able to disconnect the solenoid I thought I would just try starting the truck one last time to see if it would shift into drive and sure in enough it did!

So I drove home..... and on the way home I’m noticing this awful clicking sound coming from near the fuse box under the steering columnu by the door. It was this electrical racket that I have included in this YouTube video

So as soon as that started I noticed my truck would only start when it wanted to and got increasingly more stubborn to the point where it will not start at all. No click - no crank. I’ve checked all the fuses relating to the starter , about 6 fuses total, and looked for any wires I may have jarred when I was digging for the solenoid, but I haven’t come up with anything to get this truck back out on the road. I’d greatly appreciate any help and buy a man a beer if he’s in the Pasadena Ca area , thanks a lot !
Sounds like a relay clicking. Disconnecting the shift interlock solenoid should not have caused this. I would start by checking the grounds, look at the one below the drivers door on the frame at the body mount.