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1st new truck


Jun 17, 2011
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actually, first new vehicle and it only took me till I was 50 to do it...and a little prompting from my wife. It's a 2007 Ranger XLT, std.cab, long bed, 2.3 with a 5-speed. Vista blue, sliding rear window, a/c, cruise, hd suspension and larger battery. Basic transportation, 24-27 mpg around town,28 or so highway. I did manage an almost 30 mpg with in city/country highway driving w/o using OD. Thanks for the site and letting me be the first to post here! Bob
thanks for the compliments! it really sparkles when clean and its sunny. got a bit of a frowner the other day when I was wiping down the door edges and jambs. just above the folded metal of the door bottom on the passenger side is some ugly bubbling. it hasn't broken thru the paint yet...yet. thinking about taking the door panels off and treating it with Por15. any other suggestions?
Very good configuration.
I like it.best of luck with your 2007 Ranger XLT