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SOLD 1986 Dodge W100 4x4 Regular Cab Long Box for sale in Montgomery County PA.


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Jul 20, 2022
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Montgomery County PA
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1986 Dodge W100 4x4 standard cab long box. Truck has 94,600 original miles with a 318 V8 and a Torqueflite automatic. Truck is in very original condition with 95% original paint. Truck is extremely solid. It spent its life in Kentucky until purchased in November 2021. It was purchased by a gentleman who owned a farm and was not worked. Great restoration candidate. The step rails have been removed. It does have some dings and scratches but nothing out of the ordinary for a 36 year old truck. It has not been in any way molested. The The truck runs really well and the 4 wheel drive engages as it should. I put approximately 600 miles on it and did test out the 4 wheel drive when we had snow a few months ago. It went through with no issues. I have many photos and video of the truck so please do not hesitate to ask. Asking $9,500.Thanks.

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Hey, do you still have your 1986 Dodge W100 for sale ? If you do, I'd like to see a video and more pictures of the inside of the bed and underneath. Does everything work on it/any issues with anything ? Does it have A/C ? Thanks, let me know, Tom