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1974 B200 headers

Dodge D200

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Mar 3, 2024
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I have 1974 D200 with 400. I looked through Summit for some headers and couldn't headers that listed as a direct fit. Anyone know what header would fit?
Should be easy to get, with all the van nose motorhomes with big blocks in them that were MADE around then
Do yourself a favor and don't do it. I've had these trucks with headers in, nothing but a pain in the ass! Shortys will usually fit but are still in the way of the starter/wiring. Long tube usually end right in front of a cross-member! A good quality set that ACTUALLY fits like they're supposed to is going to run a minimum of $800 now (maybe more, I haven't checked for a couple years) and way more if you want a high quality coating pre-applied.

I had looked into shorty headers (same for pickup and van) for one of my vans with a 400, knowing the pain in the ass might be worth getting more heat out from under the dog house. But I gave up because they've been back ordered for more than 5 years now.