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1961 Dodge Town Wagon 318 - air filter?


May 27, 2018
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Plymouth MI
Hi, I am the proud owner of a 1961 Dodge Town Panel wagon with a 318 V8 and a four speed. The truck came without an air filter housing and no obvious way to attach one (no screw coming out of the carb.) Question 1, is there supposed to be a screw to attach the filter body? Question 2 are there any aftermarket air filter assemblies (Edelbrock?) that will fit? Thanks JoeB
Not sure it would have had a paper filter. Are there 2 holes in the carb airhorn? Or post a picture
Here’s a photo. It’s a Stromberg WW. I see there are adapters you buy to attach a larger air filter but not clear how those attach either.
Likely it was originally an oil bath type air cleaner, they attached via perimeter clamps around the air horn. What LocuMob is showing you is a conversion type item.
I remember those and thought of the oil .bath. Most went to paper filters in 60 so was not sure.
Finding the clamp would be the hard part. All other parts could be made if one got creative.
Ordered the clamp adapter and an air filter housing from
“61-71 Dodge Sweptline Parts.”
Their folks were very helpful.

The online parts broker I stumbled onto first, not so much.

Will let you know how it works.
no issues here . i had a 57 and a 64 town panels before . 57 was old style framed , and my 64 had the longer wheel base and new frame . i drive a 64 d100 . and i'm building a 60 d100 for now . i've never left anything stock , hotrodder at work here . try to stay mopar but phank n stien creaps in there , lol .