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1955 Dodge Pickup


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Mar 18, 2024
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British Columbia
Hi; my name is Fred, I'm 76 years old and I'm trying to complete my 1955 Dodge Pickup. I've installed a 360 and 518 transmission, with ford exploder 8.8. rear axle The only part I require is a rear bumper (with brackets)
Apparently the 1954 to 1956 bumpers are the same on pickups and sedan deliveries. They were a $7.50 option at the time and really hard to find, and Ive called every wrecker I can find. Please help!
Fred, Do you have a picture from somewhere of the bumper you need? I have two which may be what you are looking for...
well that rear bumper and brackets was 53 or 54 thru 72 that i know of . i've got two very bent ones i'm saving for a couple different p/u projects . and i still can't post any size pics on this site !