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04 Durango 5.7 Limited


Staph Member
Jul 31, 2015
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Oakdale, MN
I've got what the title says above. Love the truck, it works great to pull our pop up camper and fits the 3 of us, our dog and all the stuff we pack in at X-mas time. I bought the truck with 109K on it, now it has 170k on it. I am however frustrated with the rust that has been coming thru on my truck. It was already starting when I bought it, the notorious drivers side behind the rear wheel and also on mine the bottom of the doors. Its only on the drivers side though. Not a spec of rust starting on the passengers side. I wish I understood why this 2nd Gen Durango has such a rust issue, like I said especially behind the drivers side rear wheel. I would say 9 out of 10 that I see have a huge rust hole by the wheel.

Its beyond repair, so Im just letting it go and going to drive it until this thing dies, or falls apart.
Well, I think I have another problem pop up with the Durango.

The other morning I was pulling it out of the garage (in reverse). I put it in gear and it just kind of sat there, nothing new that happens after it sits for awhile. Always has since I've owned it. So anyways I give it some gas and I hear a whir. Thats a odd noise I thought to myself. Well driving down the road I could still hear it.. Kinda sounds like a weed whacker strings spinning around.. I cant hear it above 50mph because of the engine and highway noise. As soon as I slow down though it is there. It changes with engine RPM, I can tell if its Engine or Trans related. If its in the garage and something for the sound to bounce off of its fairly loud. Anyone have any ideas?
Have someone rev it up (slowly) while you have the hood up and are standing there. See if you can localize the noise.
That is the plan to do, this weekend but with the nasty hot/humid weather we have been having here, I dont even want to be outside.
Have you checked the transmission fluid level? A low fluid level will cause that. Your 04 should show a error code if something is wrong with the transmission and go into limp mode if it fails.
Yes, I have. The level is normal and does not smell burnt at all. Its not a nice red color, and could probably use a change.

The whir noise I was wondering if it could be a bearing or the pump for the trans or ?? Its really hard to pinpoint where its coming from since half the engine is buried in the firewall. Although it does sound like it coming from between the engine and the trans. Or at least somewhere in that area.
Do you have a leak in the trans line. Just a suggestion, our 1998 olds intrigue my son is driving developed a leak in the trans line near the radiator (rusty old line). Since the system was sucking air in it was whining and not shifting well. After driving it that way a while, I talked to my brother and he told me to replace the line. He said it needs to keep the pressure up in the trans. Long story somewhat shorter, I replaced the line, topped up the fluid and it's been absolutely fine ever since.
Not sure how I missed this reply. I double checked the fluid level again and I crawled under the truck and looked for leaks. Strangely the lines looked to be in great condition, compared to the rest of the rust starting on the truck. The tranny pan was slightly wet but considering the age I believe this is normal. The whir is still there but I have not noticed any difference in the way it drives shifts. I'm going to continue to look for the noise, but Im thinking its a internal issue somewhere.