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  1. StrokerMan

    FOR SALE 408 Mopar SB Engine

    Hello, Mopar 360LA small block stroked to 408ci. Topped off with Magnum heads, dual plane air gap intake, fabricated tall valve covers, and Edelbrock 750 carburetor. Engine puts out 443hp. & 516ft.lbs. Engine has dyno sheet to show power curve and vin matches block tag. Comes with lots of...
  2. J

    NR: headers for a '73 Custom 100 with 318

    Hi Folks, My son has a 1973 Dodge Custom 100. Formerly a Colorado Forest Service truck, it's a long-bed step-side. It has a 318 with crappy headers, and I'd like to get him some new headers that are designed well, have nice thick flanges, and don't rub anywhere! If you have suggestions on the...