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  1. S

    Pickup trucks have different maintenance periods, so pay attention to each period!

      Primary maintenance   is generally carried out when the car travels to 1500-2000km, mainly tightening and lubrication.   Check the tire appearance, tire pressure and inflate.   Check that the engine and chassis should be free of grease and mud after wiping.   Check and add lubricating...
  2. T

    What to do??

    I already own a 1996 Chevrolet Silverado C-1500 5.0 Extended Cab 3 door but my father just passed away and left me a 1984 Ford F-150 5.0 single cab. I really want to keep my father's truck because of sentimental value but I don't need two trucks. I was thinking about selling my truck and just...
  3. tallhair

    What is this Oil Pump Pick Up for?

    This is a terrible picture but the part is not nearby Any ideas on what motor this Oil Pick Up is for? Red arrows ... note the bends. Slant Six ? Small block? Big Block? Anyone have pictures of all / any of the three for ID'ing them?