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  1. lookingforpowerwagon

    FOR SALE 84 Dodge w150 360 exhaust manifolds $100

    Rusty but trusty, these were taken off my sons truck. It is his daily driver, we put headers on it and I was hoping someone could use these manifolds. Part numbers are in the pics, willing to ship at additional expense. Located in Akron OH, zip code 44312. $100 or best offer
  2. J

    NR: headers for a '73 Custom 100 with 318

    Hi Folks, My son has a 1973 Dodge Custom 100. Formerly a Colorado Forest Service truck, it's a long-bed step-side. It has a 318 with crappy headers, and I'd like to get him some new headers that are designed well, have nice thick flanges, and don't rub anywhere! If you have suggestions on the...