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  1. StrokerMan

    FOR SALE 408 Mopar SB Engine

    Hello, Mopar 360LA small block stroked to 408ci. Topped off with Magnum heads, dual plane air gap intake, fabricated tall valve covers, and Edelbrock 750 carburetor. Engine puts out 443hp. & 516ft.lbs. Engine has dyno sheet to show power curve and vin matches block tag. Comes with lots of...
  2. K

    Good machine shop near Eugene/Springfield?

    So I have this posted on another forum, but the more people I reach out to the more results I get. I live outside the Springfield area and want to track down a good, trustworthy machine shop by the time I find an engine I'm after. There's a shop called Caldwell's in Springfield, but between...
  3. jobrated_man

    1960 Engine color

    Wondering what the factory color was for the 1960 Dodge D100, or W200. Have a 318 poly to install and it was red (originally from a 65 Plymouth) but, seems i recall some of the V-8s in late fifties were yellow in the trucks.