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  1. O

    1980 Dodge Ram Battery/Electrical Question

    🛑❗My Grandpah is wanting to buy a 1980 4cylinder Dodge, the guy who's selling it Bought the Correct battery just in the "R" configuration So when he hooked it up Pos-to-Neg & Neg-to-Pos something Happened, The only info I could find about when this happens if to replace a Certain Fuse, but the...
  2. 1SykRyd

    87 W150 Wiring

    I want to replace the multiple connection fuseable link insulator under the hood of my truck with a fuse block. I'm thinking I need to cut the insulator from the battery feed, use that as the 12v input on the new fuse block, then remove the links and put a correct amp fuse in place of them. Is...