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dodge truck bed

  1. Trendkill

    FOR SALE Long Bed

    Hey everyone. I've got a used long bed off a 1977 d100. No tailgate. Pretty solid other than the driver's side wheel well and some rot below the tailgate. Floor is solid. I can take other pictures if needed. Located in King,N.C. 27021. Asking $300. Thanks for looking.
  2. B

    SOLD 1977 dodge truck bed, swb

    I have a few parts from a 1977 Dodge truck for sale as listed. 1 swb dual tank bed straight, no fillers 2 fuel tanks, plastic 1 rear bumper, Chrome heavy with dia plate. 1 tailgate from Dodge Ram 1500, fits the bed 1 stripped straight chassis If you are interested please contact me Thanks...