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  1. P


    WANTED: DODGE TRUCK MIRRORS RT/LFT Need them complete. My mirror is too badly scratched. Would like to just get an entire unit. Need both sides. Mirror area must be in great cond. No large scratches or staining. Not tons of pits on chrome base, some okay. MANY THANKS!!!! :moparsmiley:
  2. lookingforpowerwagon

    FOR SALE 84 Dodge w150 360 exhaust manifolds $100

    Rusty but trusty, these were taken off my sons truck. It is his daily driver, we put headers on it and I was hoping someone could use these manifolds. Part numbers are in the pics, willing to ship at additional expense. Located in Akron OH, zip code 44312. $100 or best offer
  3. 1968 Dodge A100 Pickup

    1968 Dodge A100 Pickup

    I bought this truck out of Arkansas in March 2009, from a local Online Trader site (Auto Trader Classics). After making a $10 deposit on PayPal, I sent an Internet buddy from near Houston to drive across and check it out for me, as it was not possible for me to view the truck myself. The truck...