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1959 dodge

  1. jobrated_man

    WANTED 1959/60 trim needed

    Looking for the fender and door trim on the power giant truck, 59-60. Have good fenders with holes for the trim. This is for a 1959 D100 but I think trim was the same on 1960 D100. Trim runs the length of fenders at belt line, then curves down at the doors. I have the hood trim.
  2. jobrated_man

    FOUND 59/60 Dodge Cab

    Refurbing my 1959 D100 but the rust has me challenged. Figure it might be easier to replace the whole cab rather than attempt to cut and weld all the rust outs, holes etc in the present cab. Need to find a parts truck that has decent cab. I have extra hood and fenders, - I think 59 and 60...